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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Living the good life embodies many different things to practically everyone. For me personally, the meaning of the good life changed drastically over the past few years. Growing up in Eastern North Carolina was pretty simple. In reality, I had very few worries. For the most part, it was a quiet existence as an only child of two people who loved each other and loved me. I also had the privilege of growing up with my a Granny in our home. She gave me the gift of knowing what pure, unconditional love was. She was the only grandparent that I knew growing up. Having her my entire childhood, and into my adult years was an irreplaceable gift. She taught me many things growing up. There were never formal “lessons”, but I now know that she gifted me many life lessons that as a kid I took for granted. The past few years have been very traumatic for me. There have been events that have changed my perception of what living well means. This past year was the final straw of me revisiting my desires and goals for the rest of my life. Sweet Basil Life has grown Into existence due to a lifetime of lessons, fears, desires, loves and dreams. It is my desire to take this new life on a journey where I can learn more, share more, fear less, and bring a peace to my own existence and to others around me as well.

The creation of this website and blog is just another stepping stone in creating an authentic, dream life. Life is full of struggles, lessons, gifts, joys, concerns, failures, accomplishments, and so much more. These past few years have taught me to not always look at the big picture. I’m a planner by nature, and not having a working plan is something that can send me into a frenzy. I’ve learned over these past 36 months that each day is a gift. Having an overall plan is wonderful, but don’t lose sight of the present. Take time to enjoy a Sunday-afternoon drive to no where. Take the time to sit with a chicken in you lap for 30 minutes and listen to the birds, feel the breeze and soak up the love of a feathered friend. The size of your bank account can disappear in a heartbeat. A business or structure can be destroyed in the blink of an eye, a moment of illness or the rapid rising waters of a hurricane. All of these “things” can be rebuilt, replaced, or even forgotten. What we grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally can NOT be taken from us. Believe me, I understand that some people will try to take the good away, but in reality we control how we react and what we hang onto.

I‘ve spent my life being a people pleaser. I used to think it would make people like me, appreciate me, and make me happy. It’s taken me some mighty hard lessons to learn that pleasing anyone other than myself gets me nothing. This decade, this girl is working on being who I want to be, and who I was created to be. It’s about sharing my talents, my gifts, my desires to help people, and my desire to make this world a better place. If you like me in this process, that’s a wonderful thing because I do appreciate friendship, kindness and love. However, if you don’t like me, my beliefs, my creations or whatever is going on around me then let’s just leave it at that and I’m good. There is a lot of real estate in this world. I don’t need to share my real estate with the haters, and I won’t change to make someone else happy. That has been a great lesson from the past. The creation of Sweet Basil Life is about making the world a better place ~ sharing recipes, photos, techniques, and more (that’s just the beginning) is the plan for now and the future. This site is built with love not judgement, not fear, and not trying to please the world. I’ll share my love and my space but you won’t find hate here. The fact that I can put this into print and press publish is an amazing thing. In my past, my fear of offending anyone would stop me from moving forward. Wow, I can now press play and move on happily.

Creating this blog and business are therapy for me. While I am

striving to heal myself, I am also striving to heal a little pocket

of this world. I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to create things. I learned woodworking, gardening, antiquing, really

living from my Dad. I learned organization, a love of books,

and many other things from my Mom. My Granny, as I said earlier, taught me unconditional love. She also taught me about

spirit, faith, perseverance, fun, adaptability and surviving. There

have been scores of others that I've learned from as well. My

hope is that as we grow that this blog is a place to share

memories, folklore, recipes ~ all the things Sweet Basil Life.

With all that “stuff” being said. Life lessons are good; they help us grow. Antiquing lessons are great because you can end up with some really cool ”junk”. Cooking and gardening lessons are wonderful because you end up with a full table and tummy and create memories along the way. Sweet Basil Life is for me about taking all of my lessons ~ life, food, gardening, antiquing, folklore, history, painting, art, photography, animals, people ...... taking all of the people, events, loves and creating a magical life that brings knowledge, tears, smiles, joy ... whatever someone else can take from it and make a better place. There is by far enough negative around so I don’t intend to add more. I want to add joy, music, art, food, knowledge, laughter and especially peace to this world. I hope that this venture of mine will bring joy to others. This Sweet Basil Life is about bringing chaos to a minimum; bringing creativity, imagination, joy, peace, acceptance and knowledge to everyday life; sharing the heritage, folklore and history that brought life to me AND making life just a little more Magical 🗝

With sincere and deep gratitude. Thank you for your inspiration, sharing your creativity, vision and talent; above all else thank you for allowing me to use the video. st.finnikin 🙌🏼

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